Why I like Perhaps
The book has so many interesting architectural features - walls, bannisters, stairs, door frames. And my nephew Chip Shop sings in the coati choir that plays a big part in the story.

More about me
I am an architect. This means that my work is to draw pictures of buildings so that the people who are going to build them can make them so that they fit together properly and are good to look at and live in. I am also supposed to draw them so that they don't fall down. That's the hard bit - you have to spend a long time at architect's school to learn all about it.

You will have heard of me because I am the only coatimundi working in the field of architecture. Outside working hours, I eat plenty of eggs and run along ropes upside down to keep fit. Yes, my nose really is that long, but so what ?

Some buildings I have designed
Here are some pictures of the buildings I have made. I have left them a bit mysterious, so see if you are good enough at imagining things to be an architect. Read how I have described the buildings, and think how a building like that would look in real life. Then click on the ? picture to see if your guess was true ...

Miss Nickerson

Coatimundi and Architect

My first building - the holiday home I designed for Dr Cholmondley Harbottle in Egypt. I had only been at architect's school for two years, and we had only learnt about roofs. So the house is all roofs. No walls or windows.
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As the world's only coatimundi architect, I want to build buildings that reflect what it is like to be a coati. This one in Italy is based on my beautiful tail - quite long and tall with bands all along it, but not so fluffy. Of course, my tail doesn't point straight up into the sky but goes slightly sideways. So the building couldn't quite go straight up. It's not so far off - I don't know why they complain..
Build a castle in London on the river ? Excellent. Only they didn't tell me that they really did mean on the river until I had done all the drawings. So I had to rub out the interesting bit in the middle with the unicorn carvings and gargoyles, leaving just the towers at two ends and a little road across the river to join them up. An elegant architect's solution
An outdoor swimming pool in India for Baron Piechart Pybus, billionaire entrepreneur of onion and asparagus products ? What better design for changing rooms than one with a big white onion for a roof, flanked by plenty of asparagus sticks. Very popular with sunbathers.
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