Why I like Miggi Gets Some Pants
Because I have been told to say it is good. I haven't read it. But a £2 bribe is enough to convince me that it is good. £3 ? Oh, I mean it's very, very good!

More about me
Wigan Casino is not my real name. That is Flying Fox Mulder, but there is already a detective sort of called that, even though he is not a real fruit bat like me. Anyhow, having a false name like Wigan Casino makes it easier for me to do my tricky detective work. More than that, I cannot tell - I must protect my secrets if I am going to be the best at finding out everybody else's secrets.

My Special Secrets of Detection
What makes me so good at being a detective ? How have I solved such mysteries as whether Robbie Williams' socks go all the way up to his knees or just halfway ? I have to whisper this next bit as it is my secret, so come up close - I see things from a different angle. Upside down, that is. You can find out a lot of secrets when you see the world the other way up hanging from a branch.

You don't believe me ? Then see how I solved my greatest crime mystery - just who was responsible for that nasty bump on the head of film star Danny DeVito. Study the evidence of the heinous crime below ... Worked it out yet ? Well, try standing on your head and looking again ! (If you can't do standing-on-the-head, just click on the picture instead and then practise headstands later.)

That's right. It was naughty Amos Brearley from Emmerdale Farm throwing bricks off the roof of the cheese factory. Do you agree that I am the best detective ?

Wigan Casino

Pet Detective

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