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Why we like Miggi in Space
The book mostly takes place in space, which is our favourite place after Dusseldorf. Also you can see computers in most of the pictures and can imagine that you are pressing the buttons. It would be better if the monkey was a robot and there was a visit to Spacelab, but you can't have everything.

More about us
Although we are famous celebrities, we are actually robots and not people. You'd think this might be obvious from the words of our excellent song "We are the Robots" and the fact that we haven't actually been able to release an LP since the factory in Stuttgart stopped making our spare parts in 1986. Apparently not-t-t-t. There are other robot celebrities such as R2D2, Kryten and that one out of Fireball XL5, but we are the only known musical "Ralf" and "Florian" models.
Click here to visit some of our other robot friends in show business who work at the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre (but don't forget to come back here when you have finished).

Our music
If you want to hear some of our robot music, pop along to www.hmv.co.uk, tap "kraftwerk" into the search box, and follow the links to some samples. Meantimes, here is a guide to some of our best records ...

The pop group Kraftwerk

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This is Autobahn from 1975 and the title tune got to number 11 in the charts. The song was mostly robots making car noises, but we did also sing a bit about how we were "driving, driving, driving down the motorway". It was in German, as English motorways were still being invented at that time.
Here you can find our number 1 hit "The Model", about how we fancied a lady mannequin but missed out because we were not humans. Also here, the aforementioned "We are the Robots" where we confess our robotness - "we are functioning automatic and we are dancing mechanic - we are the robots". We can't make it any clearer.
This is Computer World from 1981, about the time when computers for real people were just being invented. We imagine what it will be like working computers in the year 2000 - "I program my home computer, beam myself into the future". We didn't know there would be the internet, and most people would instead be using their computers to find out what had happened in the past. Do you still have the pocket calculator ?.