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Why I like The Bee's Knees
I am a famous doctor of medicine and this is a book about fundamental questions of anatomy in the bee kingdom. I can read it for pleasure and also keep up to date with developments in my professional field. Of course it's the bee's knees! Trust me, I'm a doctor.

More about me
You will probably know me best from the television documentary filmed at St Stanley Collymore's, during which I was the only insectivore featured that saved lives rather than lounging around moaning. I received seven admiring letters, all of which were addressed "Dear Sir ..." As I am a distinguished surgeon, please make an effort to pronounce my name properly - click on my picture to hear me say it and then practise, in case you are the person who will introduce me to the Queen one day. I am a true blooded British mole Talpa europaea, and not one of those vulgar American star-nosed moles - unfortunately my nose got squashed last July when I had to rush from my burrow to attend an emergency with such haste that I couldn't wait for my eyes to get used to the daylight and I ran snout first straight into the plate glass door of the hospital. Pompous ? How dare you !

My patients
I am the world's greatest authority on otoplasty. I will not patronise you by explaining what that is, as it is one of the most important but intricate branches of medical science. Suffice to say that it is a specialism that brings joy to my patients in addition to deep professional satisfaction.
If you are not too worried about ethical issues of patient confidentiality, click on the picture of debutante Deirdre de Deville-Takiou below to see how my otoplastic techniques cured her of plainness ...

Dr Cholmondley Harbottle

Distinguished Surgeon Mole

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